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Mars in Leo

The good fight

Kelli Fox

The battle between good and evil is one that is constantly fought. You, yourself, are a bottle of vibrant and positive energy that's just itching to get out and combat any negative influences in your world. Well, have no fear: The opportunity has arrived.

This will be a year rife with negative factors and you will eagerly take on every single one. By your next birthday, the warrior in you will be able to walk away, pleased with all the hard work that's been accomplished.Your direction will be strong as long as you remember to follow your heart. It is there that you'll find your biggest supporter, and you must listen to what your heart tells you at all times. If you don't stray, you will continue down the path of enjoyment. Your love life will be quite pleasurable and sex could be especially fun and steamy. You'll want to find a lover who will appreciate your animal instincts, but also know how and when to tame you. If you begin to head down a darker path led by your ego, you'll notice the effects immediately as you'll find yourself staunchly defending positions that you know you can't really justify. Allow your heart to guide you, and you can't go wrong.

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