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Mars in Gemini

Dual intellect

Kelli Fox

Duality can play a powerful role in everyone's life, and this year, it will be especially extreme in yours. You'll be inclined to view everything as black and white, day and night, us versus them, etc. Sometimes, you'll be dynamic and forceful and at other times you'll run low on energy.

However, your mind will always be astute and your tongue will be equally sharp. If you focus your quick wit properly, you can be extremely persuasive, but if you let your temper get the better of you, you could inflame situations beyond even your control.Both your brain and your body will be unstoppable and in a constant state of activity. Keep your body busy by multitasking. To prevent your mind from entertaining itself at the expense of other people, find mental challenges to keep yourself preoccupied. Participate in debates to challenge your intellect and your wit, go for a jog or bike ride through unknown territory, or visit an interactive, hands-on museum. You'll have a drive to help others understand what is going on around them, and you won't let anything restrict your right to speak your mind. Go ahead and discuss all topics freely, just be sure you don't take out any of your frustrations on some innocent person who's simply listening.

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