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Mars in Capricorn

Controlled energy

Kelli Fox

A controlled and determined energy will course through your life and your work. You will be able to assert yourself without becoming agitated or blowing a fuse. You will be the epitome of calm, while making everything work out in your favor.

This will turn into a regular pattern of responsibility in all aspects of your life. To a certain extent you will be a master of self-defense, always helping others to see things your way. In fact, martial arts would be a perfect channel for your energies and will help you move your abilities to a higher level of spirituality.This year will also be a good time to work on developing your stamina in your body and in your work. Creations that last will give you plenty to focus on in an effort to take some of the sting out of your powerful sexual drive. Your drive, like everything else, will be controlled, but focusing the energies elsewhere is still a good idea. Plus, you'll tend to be more aroused or open to arousal when you've achieved some measure of success. Once you have your sights set on a goal, you can pull from all of your energy resources. You'll have the determination and the eagle-eye focus to make sure the job gets done and done well.

Mars in Capricorn in the Natal Chart

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