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Mars in Cancer

Emotional understanding

Kelli Fox

How you assert yourself and your emotions will play a key role in your associations and relationships in the coming months. You'll have an abundance of sensitive and caring energy building up inside of you, but if you don't know what to do with it, you may be frightened by it and try to deflect attention onto others. The result could be a passive-aggressive attack on someone, and you'll intuitively know just how to hurt them.

In the end though, you could end up just as miserable.Instead of going on the attack, try to develop a deeper understanding of your own feelings. Your deepest desires will be for an emotional connection, but that will only successfully occur when you are in touch with your own instincts. Even sexually, you'll really only be aroused by someone with whom you feel an especially close connection. Consider working from home whenever possible, as you'll feel safe there, and therefore, more likely to work more successfully on your projects. Home, in fact, will be a place of solace for you, so you might want to expend some energy fixing it up, or gardening, or any type of home improvement where you take the lead. The work will make you feel both relaxed and revived at the same time.

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