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Mars in Aries

Coming in first

Kelli Fox

Drive and determination will take you far this year, as you'll find yourself willing to fight to reach your way to whatever success you desire. You won't be happy unless you can manage to be first in whatever it is you're trying to do. From work to romance you'll do whatever you believe is necessary to make sure things work out in your favor.

As long as you can keep your temper from getting in your way, everything will go the way you want it.You'll love all things spontaneous, and you'll prefer to leave the planning and details to others. It's your goal to go after the big picture, and you'll have the courage to take some pretty major risks in order to see your ideas come to life. You may even act a bit impulsively -- in fact, there will be plenty of times you will definitely act without thinking -- and you could become a bit hotheaded if you don't feel like something you're working on is getting started as quickly as you'd like. What you'll need is a channel for all your excess energy. Focus on a project, like fixing up your house, solving a problem at work or starting a new exercise routine.

Mars in Aries in the Natal Chart

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