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Mars in Aquarius

Radical energies

Kelli Fox

Intellectually, you will be a visionary and radical thinker. Sexually, there are two directions you might take. On the one hand, you might wish to turn off your desires all together in an effort to allow your mental capacities to expand to their fullest extent.

Alternatively, you may go in the opposite direction and take a more kinky approach to your sexual encounters. You'll be as turned on by the mental involvement as by the physical, and you'll be willing to try almost anything once.In the rest of your life, you'll be just as unusual. Your energy will be radical and you'll enjoy arguing points of view. In fact, you may even argue a point to its completion even though you don't actually agree with what you're saying. You will consider yourself a staunch individualist, you'll fight against authority and you'll struggle for freedom. The norms of society will drive you batty, and you'll go deliberately out of your way in order to free yourself from what you perceive as restrictions. This could all result in a bit of trouble. You must remember to maintain a sense of maturity and only protect your individuality when it's really necessary. Pick your battles wisely.

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