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Mars conjunct North Node

Moving toward your future

Kelli Fox

It's up to no one but you to prepare for your future. That's never been more true than this year, as the universe will encourage you to put aside any feelings of timidity and face your future with drive and aggression. You'll need to assert yourself in the face of negative people and adversity -- and it's the manner in which you assert yourself that will determine how things will fare when it comes to your destiny.Ultimately, you'll want to consider your actions these next 12 months as steps you take toward reaching your destiny and shaping your future.

There are many tests that we all must work our way through in order to achieve our goals. In this case, your reactions to any trials or tribulations will determine where you go next. You'll be able to look at the world through a fresh and naive perspective, and this will enable you to head off into uncharted, but successful territory. If you find yourself floundering at all, look to those closest to you -- their support means you're heading in the right direction. Your best bet will be to take the higher ground, regardless of where it leads; stand up for yourself, your loved ones and your beliefs.

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