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Mars conjunct Neptune

Energy evaporates

Kelli Fox

Under normal circumstances, it's good to follow your dreams and believe that you can do whatever you put your mind to. However, this year, you may not be quite as in tune with what you're actually capable of doing as you usually are. Your dreams will be undeniably powerful, full of action, aggression and possibly even violence.

This will be how your subconscious comes to terms with the aggressive energies flowing through you. But your aggressive energies could become quickly overwhelmed by your dreamy, diffuse subconscious. Energy evaporates, or is squandered trying to find a firm surface to kick off from.Anger is certainly present, but unable to find an outward expression. It turns inward, creating depression or bitterness. Unable to be straightforward when you're mad, you adopt a passive-aggressive approach, leaving your victims impotent and furious in your wake, after you've wrecked something when you were 'only trying to help.'One area where your passion finds expression is your principles. You could easily be swept off your feet by a newfound leader or belief. Unquestioning, you become a foot soldier in the ground war. Beware the fanatic, and try to channel your urge to do good into channels that will actually be effective.

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