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Mars conjunct Jupiter

Positive, passionate energy

Kelli Fox

Feel like climbing a mountain? Go for it! With all the extra energy and passion you'll be filled with this year, you could take on the Himalayas if you felt like it (and trained a bit) -- and that's no exaggeration.

Travel in general will be great for you this year because you'll just want to keep going and going and going; when most people would be tiring out, ready to go home, you'll just be getting started.This energy can also offer you an excellent opportunity for growth, if you allow it to flow properly. If you find yourself feeling anger or aggression, don't fight it, but rather, take a step back and try to understand it. What is its source, and how can you turn this to your advantage? Your extra passion will be wonderful in any romantic relationship, helping you to rekindle an older love or start up a new one. Just watch out that you don't let that passion flare up too much in arguments. You'll have no trouble defending your position in any situation, but you might want to be careful you don't cross the line into a screaming fight or hypocrisy, as either direction will be easy to fall into. On the whole, though, this will be a year filled with optimism and positive, go-get-'em energy.

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