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Jupiter unaspected

The Inner Guru

Kelli Fox

Your Inner Guru takes the stage, front and center this year. This fellow is most often found just offstage, rooting you on, after having mentored you in the starring role. Now, his supporting role is developing into a leading part.

Until your next birthday, please permit this part of yourself free reign to roam. The more far-flung the thought or adventure, the better it is for you. This time is all about expansion of the boundaries of your mind and experience. You're going for the bigger picture here. The larger your frame of reference, the better it is. Space travel, world religion, metaphysics - you need something in which to frame your experiences and knowledge. If you have the time and means to travel, all the better. Take someone under your wing and expand their horizons while you expand you own. Donate as many resources as you can spare to those less fortunate. You'll be feeling very generous and kindhearted and there's no need to hold back in these areas. Others benefit greatly from your good will.Keep in mind, too, that the concept of 'enough' may be a slippery one this year. It pays to be aware of this and attempt to exercise at least some control on your eating, drinking, and spending. This could easily be a buy-now-and-pay-pay-pay-later year for you.

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