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Jupiter trine Uranus

From daydream to innovation

Kelli Fox

As you begin to move through the weeks and months following your birthday, you will notice many intense and unique ideas and concepts floating through your mind. Initially it may seem like you're just daydreaming more than usual, but if you pay attention to your thoughts, you'll realize that they're much more. You'll actually be coming up with brilliant ideas that can help improve your future as well as that of others.

The question then will be whether or not to act on these imaginings and turn them into a reality.Really, though, you should have no problem deciding to act to improve your life. You may be tempted by your complacency with life to just let things slide, but the alternative is so much better that it would be a waste of your mind if you didn't do something about at least some of the innovations and dreams meandering through your head. In addition, you'll have a marvelous sense of humor, allowing you to see the funny side to all that goes on around you. Although you may let this take shape during inappropriate times, for the most part it will provide you and those around you a unique and pleasant take on life. Live life to the fullest this year, for it will be a wonderful time with plenty of opportunities for great success.

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  1. Veronica on May 18, 2019 at 11:16 am

    I love your interpretations of the planets and their aspects!

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