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Jupiter trine Saturn

Realizing life goals

Kelli Fox

Life goals can be kind of funny. They're almost always in a state of flux as we consider what we really can and can't accomplish. These next few months may be a bit different for you, though, as you will begin to realize that you have the ability to initiate and achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Your eyes will be a big as saucers taking in every option, but your mind will be sharp as a nail picking through every detail and making anything you set your sights on a possibility.The only real problem you'll face will be your tendency to just accept things as they are. Why bother fixing what ain't broke, right? Maybe. Or maybe there's something even better out there for you and its rewards will far exceed the effort you put into getting there. You have the potential to bring to life any reality you desire, especially when it comes to work and finances, so make sure you don't let a bit of laziness here and there prevent you from reaching a higher level of success. When you are able to motivate yourself, you'll see the results flow over into the rest of your society. So, be receptive to new ideas and new areas of development, and above all, don't settle for less than you truly want.

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