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Jupiter trine Pluto

Selfless power

Kelli Fox

You will benefit the most when you work to help others. If this doesn't seem logical, try it out. When others get help from you, they're more likely to turn around and help you in return; or someone else with a generous heart will see your good deeds and do what they can to improve your situation.

That will be especially key this year, as the less selfish your goals, the greater your personal achievement. On the flip side, if you desire and seek out power for your own personal gain, though you will succeed in the short term, the effects could be negative in the long run.Positive changes will also be your motivation this year, as you'll work to improve your life in many ways. As mentioned above, you'll certainly seek out more power than you've had in the past, but you'll also want to embark on a crusade for 'the truth.' You won't want your life or anyone else's to be ruled by a dogma that is inaccurate, and you will happily put your energies toward becoming a truth-seeker. Intuition will play a role in your life this year, and if you learn to use it properly, you'll easily know if the path you're on is the right one, or if you should change directions.

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