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Jupiter trine North Node

Discovering your talents

Kelli Fox

You don't even know the true extent of your talents, and yet you'll be called on to use them if you want to put yourself on track with your future this year. Hard? Yes.

Impossible? Not at all. In fact, you'll enjoy the challenge. You'll be in a great mood as more and more of your abilities come to light, and you find you're capable of doing so much more than you ever thought possible. You'll start to feel as though your options are endless -- and they are!It will simply be a matter of you deciding which path you'd like to follow and then hopping on to see what happens. You'll enjoy both the learning experience of this, as well as the knowledge you'll be able to impart on any listening ears. Many splendid opportunities for personal growth, achievement and success will come before you, and you'll want to pay close attention to your intuition so you don't pass any of them up. Use your great communication and listening skills to improve your love life, your career, your finances and every other aspect of your world. You have an incredible chance to put yourself in the direct path of success, so be sure you don't miss out on any chances as they arise.

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