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Jupiter trine Neptune

A functional imagination

Kelli Fox

Have you ever met those people who claim to have no creative abilities, and then, over and over, they stumble onto the most brilliant solutions? Well, guess what -- you're just like that. That fact will impress itself upon you as you progress through the year.

You may or may not think of yourself as creative as this birthday rolls around, but what you'll discover is that some of your talents are so ingrained in you that you never noticed them previously.Your dreams will be especially strong for you, and they'll play a pertinent role in developing your future. You'll be an example of just how well imagination can function in the world, if used properly -- it's quite possible that you can turn anything you dream up into a reality. Just don't let yourself take anything, especially yourself, for granted. You may be tempted to let things slide because it seems easier at the time, but a little bit of effort will go a long way toward improving your future. You're about to become a visionary. You'll easily see the big picture, and you'll realize what needs to be done to improve the future. Take advantage of that skill and help both yourself and others to create a better life.

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  1. Abiola Buraimoh on January 10, 2017 at 11:09 pm

    Thank u very much kelli . I really appreciate everything. May God continue to bless u and increase ur knowledge. But Kelli, plz can u tell me the weaknesses I need to work on and the ones I might face in d future

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