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Jupiter square Uranus

Taking autonomy too far

Kelli Fox

Rebellion is fine (and probably good) to a certain extent, but if you take it too far, you run the risk of ruining your own chances of progressing with your life. This year, you're probably going to want to take your radical side a bit too far. You may even find yourself messing up opportunities that are presented to you because you're too concerned about maintaining your autonomy.

These types of problems will continue until you can learn to understand your rebellious side and why you have such a strong desire to move in the opposite direction of the crowd.Just the thought of being restricted will leave you feeling cold, but if you're not careful, your need for independence could leave you even more restricted. If you go speeding down the highway and get ticket after ticket, you could lose your license. By proving that you can't be restricted by speed limits, you'll have actually lost the freedom that driving a car offers. The tradeoff for this or any other attempt to prove your independence probably isn't worth it. Try to keep a close eye on your behavior, and when you see yourself going overboard, stop and ask yourself why. If you can put an end to the cycle of self-sabotage, you can actually start to move forward in your quest for freedom.

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