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Jupiter square Saturn

Progressive or traditional?

Kelli Fox

Do you want to work towards a progressive future, or do you want to use more traditional methods to keep your life flowing smoothly? Those are the two directions you'll be torn between as you move through the coming months. This may not seem like much of a difficulty right away, but don't underestimate the trouble that can be wrought when trying to decide between progressive and conservative -- one need only to look at the political dramas occurring all over the world to see how much of an impact these beliefs can have.In fact, you may begin to feel like there's a political battle raging within you.

You'll start to feel as if you've become two people, as part of you tries to engage your intuition and vision, and the other half works to apply practical and tangible methods to any problems you face. What makes life hard will be a lack of communication between these two sides. You'll only start to experience an improvement to this situation when you learn to find the middle ground of these two opposing forces. In the meantime, you'll need to accept that you're going to be something of an inconsistent mess of mood swings, which could leave those closest to you feeling dizzy. Just remember that it's more important to have a consistent philosophy than a consistent technique.

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