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Jupiter square Pluto

Unplanned successes

Kelli Fox

Struggling to work effectively with people in power will start to feel second nature to you. You'll have a strong drive to succeed and to reach high levels of power yourself, but it will begin to feel like others are purposely trying to hold you back. That may or may not be true, but what your true focus should be on is your own personal growth.

If someone blocks one path, then you must decide whether to defend yourself or find another path. You may be tempted to choose the former, but look carefully at the situation before making a decision. Either this person is really out to get you, or they're stopping you for a reason, and in either case, you may want to step aside and let them have their way.That could be the hardest lesson for you to learn this year. Your own desire for power and your tendency to overreact will make it extremely difficult for you to just step back from your plans because someone else said so. Avoid becoming too obsessed about a particular plan or goal, and try to remain open to change. Your challenge will be to find a common source between your goals and those of others. When you've achieved that, you'll know you've accomplished what the stars had in mind for you this year, and that could result in some unplanned successes.

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  1. Zech' Ksiopp on May 21, 2016 at 2:15 am

    Hi there dear Kelli,
    All your analysis at length is fully marked with witt and apprpriate advise and tips and guide-lines to be used and adapted towards better achievement and balance of our different forces within and outside of ourselves. Big up ! Transatlantic hug:-)

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