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Jupiter square Neptune

Unrealistic dreams

Kelli Fox

Reality is almost never the way you imagine it to be. For example, you're working on a project and you know you're doing your best work. So you start imagine how your supervisor will react.

They're going to give you a promotion -- and a raise! You start to think about what you're going to do with the extra money (it will be a lot, of course). And then your computer freezes up and you lose all of your work because you forgot to back it up. Does that sound like a familiar scenario? Something along those lines has happened to everyone at some point, but this could practically become a theme for your year.So how do you work around such delusions? Hard as it may be, about all you can do will be to buckle down and really focus on the project at hand. Your imagination will clearly be working in overtime, so try to channel that energy into something successful -- put all of your daydreams into a journal, and you may have some exciting, publishable stories by the end of the year. Process everything in your life carefully, and do what you can to leap over any emotional or psychological barriers that might hold you back. You certainly have the mental capacity for achievement, but it will all depend on how successfully your can focus yourself.

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  1. heather gee on February 10, 2019 at 3:25 am

    My positive outlook seems to get in my way in the year ahead — Pity!

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