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Jupiter sextile Uranus

Expanding for the future

Kelli Fox

You won't be satisfied to just accept your life as it is during the coming year. You'll develop a great desire for self-improvement and growth, and acting on this desire is the only way you'll be able to end the year feeling pleased with yourself. This will lead toward positive changes and transformations in your world, but it could also create a greater level of impatience within you.

It will be your challenge to try to find a workable balance between being eager to get ahead and accepting that this will take time.If some of the greater changes don't seem to be happening fast enough, satisfy your inner drive by making small changes, maybe around the home or at work. Buy some books about latest technologies so your mind will feel fulfilled, or sign up for a class that interests you just for the fun of learning (and not necessarily because you think it will provide future opportunities). If others, especially those close to you, don't understand your actions, give them time. They'll come around eventually. However, this will not be the time for your to compromise. This is your future you'll be working toward, so feel free to move full speed ahead.

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