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Jupiter sextile North Node

An intuitive destiny

Kelli Fox

Under some circumstances, hearing voices is a little disconcerting, but in this instance, the voice you hear will be your intuition speaking to you -- and that's definitely a voice you should listen to. Deep down, you have a strong recognition and understanding of the direction in which your life should be flowing. However, this probably hasn't come to the surface yet.

That's all about to change as you move past this birthday and into the coming months. If you remain open to the ideas and possibilities of your future, you'll find yourself moving exactly in the direction of your destiny.Only the most positive of influences will come from developing stronger connection with your inner voice. It will help motivate you to act on and make full use of the opportunities that present themselves to you this year. Romantically, this will be a great time, as the more true you are to yourself, the more open you'll become to true love. That could result in meeting a special new someone or deepening an already great romance. And your belief in yourself and your causes will help move you along successfully at work. Again, trust in your intuition to help you make decisions regarding where you should go with love and your career, and you'll have a hard time going wrong.

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