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Jupiter opposite Saturn

Choosing the right path

Kelli Fox

You're coming up to a fork in the road: Should you take the road toward expansion and optimism, or the path that leads to responsibility and achieving goals through hard work? Unfortunately, it's not really a decision that you'll be able to make. During the next 12 months, this dilemma will pop up over and over again, mostly resulting in confusion.

Your options will be completely polarized and finding a middle ground could start to feel impossible.You'll find yourself torn between grand life schemes and the details and effort that will be involved in bringing them to life. It would be nice to just be an idea-person, but your ideas can't turn into reality without a lot of hard work. You're going to have to try to find a balance between these opposing forces. And then you'll also be faced with deciding when to fix past mistakes and when to forge ahead with your future. This will require great mental strain and possibly even physical effort, but if you succeed, you could be on the track to great prosperity. This probably won't happen immediately, but rather, by the end of the year, you could be much wiser and on the path to personal, professional and romantic prosperity.

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