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Jupiter opposite North Node

The future or the past?

Kelli Fox

There is a map to your destiny. Unfortunately, you haven't uncovered it yet. And for the time being, specifically this next year, you're going to flounder a bit as you struggle to understand just what directions you should take.

Making matters worse will be a rather paradoxical situation that you find yourself in: The future that you think you see is actually the past that you're trying to escape. To complicate matters just a little more, this same future you think you see will be the future of everyone around you is seeking out.In order to find your own road, you're going to have to act as a guide helping people through the areas that you've already visited. Seeing these places will help you understand how important it is for you to travel to the unexplored arenas of your life. Even this, though, will not always be enough to help you along and you'll frequently have a hard time figuring out where to go next. Be sure that you communicate as directly as possible with everyone around you in an effort to avoid confusion. And, in the meantime, try not to drive yourself or others too crazy with your uncertainty.

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