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Jupiter opposite Neptune

Over idealized world

Kelli Fox

It might sound a little unusual to escape reality by simply going into your own mind, but that's exactly what you'll do -- and frequently -- as you struggle with the outside world this year. Basically, your ideals are going to skyrocket, and very little in the real world will be able to satisfy you. You could end up disappointed and disillusioned if you're not careful.

This will be a good time for you to look to more spiritual pursuits, as a higher calling may be just what you need to satisfy your desire for perfection in the everyday.You'll enter a rather polarized state, in which one side of you will have great optimism and high expectations, while the other side will form ungrounded philosophies and unrealistic expectations. This will create a tension within you that will lead you to wonder where you're going with life. Do not let yourself be a victim of deception or drugs. Instead, turn to your faith or other higher calling, as mentioned above. You have the mental abilities to make the best of this situation and to use it as an opportunity for learning and growth -- it will simply be a matter of doing just that.

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