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Jupiter in Virgo

Mastering the details

Kelli Fox

Ah, the little things in life. Sometimes they make everything come together and fit so beautifully -- and sometimes they make you want to pull your hair out! You'll experience both sides this year.

The importance of taking care of every little detail won't escape you, but the effort of doing so may drive you mad. You'll find that these details are exactly what you must focus on most. You know your best friend will be touched if you remember that they prefer chocolate or vanilla icing, but you'll have a hard time considering that more important than the fact that you didn't forget the cake. On the flip side, you'll need to remember that details are important, but you don't want to become obsessed by them.This will also be a good time to start a new health routine. You'll be motivated to improve your diet and fitness level. Start with a realistic plan, though. It will be tempting for you to set extremely high goal for yourself, but you'll only let yourself down if you do this. If necessary, meet with a fitness or nutrition specialist and have them help you develop your goals at a reasonable rate. Your expectations may be a bit excessive in all areas of your life as well, so you'll want to work to keep that to a minimum and find a balance whenever possible.

Jupiter in Virgo in the Natal Chart

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