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Jupiter in Scorpio

Mysterious passions

Kelli Fox

Passion can be a beautiful thing, and you'll find you love it even more this year, when it's mysterious and secret. Passion and secrecy will actually prove to be two of your main themes in the coming months. Whenever you're struck with a desire for something, you will find a way to get it -- whether 'it' is a new lover or something completely unrelated to romance.

However, it's very unlikely that anyone else will ever know what you've done. You'll enjoy keeping everything you do a quiet as possible. This really will be quite a year for you romantically. If you're single, you'll make it your goal to date as many people as possible without telling a soul about it -- and you'll succeed. You might want to join a dating site online and go out with anyone and everyone you meet, but not one of your friends will ever know you're doing this. If you're with someone, you'll want to find creative ways to spice up your relationship, especially your sex life. But again, whatever it is you do will be for only you to know. You might even use your mysteriousness to spur on your lover's interests -- show up randomly in your sexiest outfit, and give them an evening they couldn't even imagine was coming.

Jupiter in Scorpio in the Natal Chart

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  1. heather on June 16, 2018 at 1:38 am

    I’m definitely private, but don’t regard myself as secretive.

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