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Jupiter in Pisces

A higher consciousness

Kelli Fox

Your soul, your subconscious, your inner being -- they'll all be amplified this year to play a greater role in your conscious world. You'll find yourself tuning in to a higher consciousness and increasing your awareness of everything around you as you work to develop a stronger connection with others. From friends to family to lovers to strangers, you'll create a bond based on philosophical and religious beliefs.

Your faith, regardless of what it is, will be a bridge to a stronger understanding of your world.Let your intuition guide you as you move through the year. It will allow you to show the compassion necessary to strengthen your bond with others, and your empathy will help you come up with ideas to help solve some of humanity's greatest problems. Pay close attention to what your instincts tell you. There are times to use logic to develop solutions, and there are times to throw reason to the wind and listen to your gut. This will be a time to follow whatever comes from within. There will plenty of ideas and concepts bubbling up within you. If you can't discuss them in a group, then turn to music and poetry to express yourself.

Jupiter in Pisces in the Natal Chart

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