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Jupiter in Libra

Balancing romance

Kelli Fox

Romantically speaking, you've got a great year ahead of you. Relationships will be much easier for you in the coming months than they've likely been in the past. It will simply be a matter of putting yourself out there.

You'll find that if you're single, you'll meet someone interesting; if you've met someone already, the relationship will become more committed and serious; and, if you're already in a serious relationship, you'll find some way to make it even better or take it to a whole new level.The key to all of this will be balance, and finding the right balance between you and the person who has caught your eye. In fact, knowing just how far to take things and how to balance your needs with theirs will be important to all your relationships, from love to work to friendship. You'll also notice your aesthetic tastes will improve drastically, again tying into balance. You'll be able to pick complementary colors and styles with ease, and your overall appearance will take a change for the better (and this is true even if you already have impeccable taste...). You might want to spend more time at galleries or art cafes, as those will be ideal places for you to indulge your taste for beauty and to meet new people who have similar interests.

Jupiter in Libra in the Natal Chart

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