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Jupiter in Cancer

The big, big picture

Kelli Fox

Your instincts will be in top form this year, and you can pretty much guarantee that if you follow your gut when making a decision that you'll head off in the right direction. This will be true whether you're picking the toppings for a pizza or figuring out what the next step in your career should be. When considering the bigger pictures, like your career, keep in mind that this year, you'll be able to understand that bigger picture in the largest possible context, and to understand the implications for the future to you, your family, and all who move in your sphere of influence.Your decision making process should be just that -- a process.

Ask yourself how you feel about whatever you're considering for change (How do I feel about this job? How do I feel about this relationship?). And then think about what you would do or what would happen if you followed through with the change (What job would I want if I tried a new one? Am I prepared to face life without the person I'm currently with?). If you're not ready to follow through with anything just yet, by the time your next birthday comes around, you'll have prepared yourself for an incredible transformation.

Jupiter in Cancer in the Natal Chart

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