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Jupiter in Aquarius

Fixing the world

Kelli Fox

Most of the time, people watch the news and learn about disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes or famines, and they feel terrible and wish there was something they could do to help. They might send money, but for the most part, their desire to help is as fleeting as the images on their TVs. You're about to become an exception to that rule.

When you learn about a person or group of people who need help, you won't be satisfied just donating money, you'll want to put your heart and soul into helping them get out of whatever crisis they're in.You'll find yourself creating incredible goals for yourself this year -- goals like stamping out world hunger or ending homelessness. And, frankly, you'll come up with some incredible ideas to do just that. Let yourself go in any direction you choose on your philanthropic path. Your ideas will be ahead of their time, and your thoughts about how to improve the future will be dead on. It will simply be a matter of figuring out how to implement them. And the first step will be for you to get out of the house and start working hands-on with a group or organization to get those ideas of yours into the real world.

Jupiter in Aquarius in the Natal Chart

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