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Jupiter conjunct Uranus

A futuristic mind

Kelli Fox

One of the most amazing aspects of science fiction is that a certain portion of it somehow ends up being true years and years later. That's how your mind will be working in the coming months -- it'll just be so far out there that your ideas will seem like fiction, but wait a few years and suddenly everyone will realize just how right you were. Your mind will be working in hyperdrive, and it might be a good idea for you to write everything down so everyone else will have an easier time catching up later.Spend as much of your time traveling as possible, as new locations and cultures will enhance your imagination and bring even crazier ideas to the forefront.

Living for the present may be difficult this year, so go ahead and let your mind wander into uncharted territory. Take advantage of your incredible technical savvy at work and wow your superiors with your brilliant solutions to age-old problems. Meanwhile, if you're looking for love, try to find someone who can share your vision of the future. Or, if you're already part of a happy couple, you should talk everything through with your partner so they'll understand what's going on in that head of yours.

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