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Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Dream big and make it happen

Kelli Fox

Achieving a goal basically involves two steps: The first is to come up with the goal, and the second is working to turn it into a reality. Simple as that may sound, it's surprising how difficult it is making those two steps work seamlessly together. Rather, it's common for the goal to be too underdeveloped or complex, or the work too challenging or uninteresting to complete.

You better take full advantage of the upcoming year because the stars have granted you the power to make your goals achievable!This will be a wonderful time for career and money, as you'll be focused, determined and willing to work hard to make your dreams a reality. One side of you will be full of extravagant ideas, while the other, pragmatic side takes in all of the details and comes up with a solution. It's a perfect combination. You'll be ambitious, ready to aim straight for the stars, and you'll have the integrity and gumption to make it all work out. What's more, those around you will take notice and your status will climb as a result of your successes. Don't use up all that talent just for yourself, though. Take some extra time to volunteer as a tutor or mentor -- you have a wealth of knowledge that could benefit someone younger or less fortunate. And remember, any good work you do will eventually come around, full circle.

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