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Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Powerful knowledge

Kelli Fox

Power and knowledge go hand-in-hand, and you'll be the first to learn that lesson in the coming 12 months. There will be a darker, deeper side to you that will hunger for the more shadowy experiences of life, and you'll be able to take the knowledge you gain from that and turn it into an incredible force. If you're not careful, though, your intensity could frighten people.

However, if you use your newfound power properly, you'll find others are drawn to you like a moth to the flame.You'll have a strong current of passion coursing through you, which could emerge consciously through your thoughts and mind, or unconsciously through your lust for sex, money and (you guessed it) power. How you manage this passion will determine where you go this year. If you use it to manipulate others or let it build into a deep-seated rage, you probably will get your way, but at the expense of friendships and love. However, if you harness this passion and direct it toward learning and travel, you'll be able to deepen your experiences and emotions and, ultimately, it will give you even more power. Study the stock market, as well, this year -- your knowledge of the world will help you invest wisely and with impressive returns.

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