Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Kelli Fox

The retrograde Mercury in Pisces is not the best influence for composing lengthy statistical reports on the use of widgets in the 1800s. Nor is this a great time to read up on the latest tax laws for the coming year. In fact, any task that requires detailed scrutiny should best be left alone until another time.

This dreamy period will make you stare off into space for hours on end. Conversations have a way of drifting into strange and surreal territory. Facts are hard to hold on to and your memory may be less dependable than usual. You are highly sensitive to the energy around you.

If you sense any aggression from the other party, you’ll probably be tempted to run away and hide. This would not be the time to engage in any intellectual debates, for you may have a hard time defending your views. You can use this period for your creative benefit.

Artistic work that you might have started once, but shelved, can be revisited with positive results. You are also especially gullible and should avoid fast-talking salespeople peddling pink robots. Take this time to clean up clutter and organize papers.

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What to do and what you might want to avoid doing with Mercury backpedaling through the skies.


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