Aries Daily Horoscope

September 24th, 2018

Be especially considerate of others today. Many folks are in a sensitive, sentimental mood. It's all too easy to step on their feelings before you even realize what you've done. In general, a softer touch works well now. Approach your friends with care, and be gentle even if you get upset about something. You can do or say just about anything today, Aries. It's all in the delivery.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: in hand

Keywords: new understanding, market tone


September 25th, 2018

Your competitive streak runs strong within you today. Whether you're on the basketball court, in the boardroom or at home playing a game, you'll do whatever it takes to show your personal best. That's great, as long as you're careful to choose your battles. It isn't always appropriate to crush the competition. Sometimes it's much wiser to cooperate instead of compete -- or even to let someone else win, for once. What a concept!

Intensity: 85%

Mood: necessities

Keywords: where you are, guaranteeing


September 26th, 2018

You've always been strong-willed, but today you're incredibly determined! It doesn't hurt that your energy is plentiful, your spirits are high and you're in your element. You can reach any goal you set for yourself, by sheer force of will. So make sure it's a worthy goal. That means doing at least a little bit of planning, instead of chasing after the first thing that happens to look appealing.

Intensity: 85%

Mood: on board

Keywords: switch gears, faster resolution


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