2018 Horoscope

2018 Horoscope

Possibly the biggest astrological news of 2018 is likely to be the arrival of Uranus in Taurus, in May; the last time Taurus hosted Uranus was during the Great Depression, ahead of the Second World War. The rebel planet’s sign change suggests a major world shift may occur in realms traditionally associated with Taurus, such as the earth, the environment and the financial system – and such a change is unlikely to happen smoothly. Once Uranus turns retrograde in August, change imposed too quickly from above could lead to protests and even violence. Three squares between aggressive Mars and Uranus, in May, August and September, are potential flashpoints to take seriously.

The upheaval associated with Uranus’s sign change may however be softened by two beautiful trines between Jupiter and Neptune, in May and August. This energy brings great generosity of spirit, and a collective sense of spirituality and justice which may help us to “do the right thing” even when choices are tough.

Another anchor in a potentially turbulent year is the grand trine aspect in August between the Virgo Sun, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. The earth sign energies involved here bring common sense to the debate, and act as a catalyst for sensible change, rather than headlong chaos. It’s interesting that this grand trine involves Uranus, a planet associated with the future, and Saturn, a planet associated with the past: perhaps we can after all build a bridge between what has already happened and what has yet to happen, given goodwill on all sides.

Aries (March 20th - April 19th)


What are friends for? Quite a lot, if you’re an Aries in 2018. There’s a strong emphasis on your friendship zone throughout this year, and most particularly in the second half of 2018. Expect to find your social life becoming increasingly important, with friends rallying round to support you through your lower points and to cheer on your successes too.

There’s an adventurous vibe to your year too. As Uranus turns direct in Aries in January, you start to feel back on safer ground after a tumultuous 2017. You being you, however, safer ground gets boring after a while, so the search for new challenges begins. March should be the perfect month for taking on more than you ever previously dared, when Mars, your ruling planet, teams up with ahead-of-its-time Uranus to push the boundaries, inspiring you to dream big. Don’t go crazy, though. Your urge to show off makes you your own worst enemy in July, when the Sun opposes Mars and highlights risks which could prove unwise or even dangerous.

Overall, this is a year for growing on a personal level, and for seeking out fresh, new and exciting projects. A word of caution: watch your temper in May, August and September, when your ruler Mars squares up to Uranus, promising fireworks and drama which you may not always be able to control.


If you’re single and looking for love, March brings about opportunities to meet someone very interesting. The second Full Moon that month falls in your love zone, so any new attraction may develop very quickly, taking your breath away for all the right reasons! If you’re already in a stable relationship, compromise is likely to be important. This is not a year for getting your own way – at least, not all the time. During the Venus retrograde period in October, it’s especially important to listen to your sweetheart, and to actively seek win-win solutions which work for you both.

However fresh or established your relationship, expect your mutual spiritual understanding to deepen considerably in December, when Mars your ruler teams up with gentle, romantic Neptune. A sense of having met before will underpin any new relationships formed at this time; if you’ve been together for some while, you may find yourself suddenly realizing that your destiny has been linked through previous lifetimes as well as this one.

For those who are feeling unlucky in love, or going through a rough period in a relationship, friends are important in saving your sanity. With so much activity in your friendship zone, be sure to make time for your own friendships, even when you and your sweetheart are loved up and intent on spending time together. Maintaining your own identity and your own social links will help you to feel strong – and loved – no matter what the future holds.


Feeling lucky? You should be! A fortunate break comes your way in January, as Mars and Jupiter combine to bring about financial or business success. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities at this time, and don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. Importantly, however, keep a grip on your spending. Other parts of the year may be more troublesome than this early period, and you’ll need to hold something in reserve, financially.

One such trickier period is April and May. In April, serious, sober Saturn and disruptive Pluto both turn retrograde in your career zone. For a time, it may feel as though your luck has run out, and there could be obstacle after obstacle in your path. Hang on in there. This isn’t your fault, and there’s nothing you could or should have done differently to avoid it. You are simply being tested and stretched. As Uranus moves into your money zone in May, the surprises continue, and unexpected bills are highly likely.

Fortunately, August sees Uranus turn retrograde for the rest of the year, giving you some breathing space to get back on track. Northern Hemisphere Summer vibes should also help sort out work-life balance issues, so that you can get more quality time with your family while still earning well and moving forwards in life. A Sun-Uranus opposition in October highlights how you use – or waste - your scarce resources. Figure out a budget, cut back on excess and take a more sensible approach to work and money. This new attitude will serve you very well indeed.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)


Buckle your seatbelt, Taurus, this year could be quite a ride! One of the galaxy’s biggest hitters, Uranus, is about to move into your sign, having spent the last seven years in Aries. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was over eighty years ago, so this big news indeed. When this shift happens in May, life may well be briefly turned upside down – but from the chaos, good things will emerge. Think of it as a learning curve; you don’t necessarily want this lesson, but looking back on it in later years you will most definitely be glad of the experience.

There are other major indications of change in your 2018 chart too. A grand trine in August occurs between the Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in your own sign – here the three earth signs join forces in a very positive way to embrace the new and to break free from the old. If you’ve felt stuck in a rut over the last couple of years, this will be music to your earthy ears. As a general rule, you don’t “do” change, but when you must, you like to get used to new situations gradually and constructively, and that’s exactly what this energy will bring.

All in all, 2018 looks to be a year which puts you in the driving seat, and allows you to make some very valuable changes to your life and your lifestyle. You won’t necessarily get it all your own way, however. Not for nothing is Uranus known as the Rebel Planet! When warrior Mars squares up to Uranus – three times, no less, in May, August and September – you may well feel as though you’re losing control and being buffeted by unseen forces. Hang on in there. The ship will stabilize, and you will be back in charge, right where you belong.


Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere looks set to be a playful time for your love life. Whether you’ve been together for years or are just starting out, remember to make things fun. Re-ignite the spark, if necessary, and seek some spontaneity in romance. A helpful Full Moon in March should see passions smoulder, and this is a fantastic time for being swept off your feet!

As summer above the equator gets underway, however, be sure to appreciate what you have with your partner. With Jupiter turning retrograde in the most flirtatious zone of your chart, it’s all too easy for you to take your lover for granted, and perhaps even to look elsewhere. That would be a mistake. Be sure you know what you’re risking if you do decide to play away. There’s a sense here that romantic upsets may well be your own fault, so get good at apologizing, fast.

During August in particular, as Uranus turns retrograde in your sign, you may become bored of your sweetheart, especially if your relationship lacks sparkle and is well past that first flush of love. Fortunately, two beautiful trines between Jupiter and Neptune, one in May and one in August, help to remind you how much you have to lose and see you back on track. This year, it’s all about learning to value your sweetheart for what you already have together, rather than hankering after something else.


The theme of change this year is very relevant in your working life. As well as Uranus moving into your sign, giving you the courage to try a surprising new direction, we also find go-getting Mars in your career zone for a good six months this year. Ambitions should be running high, but you may feel that you are being overlooked or not being given due credit for your work. If you feel that you have outgrown your position or that you are not being appreciated, by all means look to move on.

Most of the year is favorable for job hunting and for success in interviews and tests. Expect to reach a major decision on this front in July or August, perhaps prompted by the Lunar Eclipse in your career zone early in July. Something may happen which forces your hand, or which makes you more determined than ever to try something different. However, your confidence may take a bit of a hit at the same time, particularly when Mars is retrograde, during July and August. The Northern Hemisphere’s spring and fall are therefore the best times for making your move.

One slight word of caution: beware of coming across as too quirky or unconventional during May, August and September. At this time, Mars squares up to Uranus and these two strong-willed planets are not working in your favor. Tone down the rule breaking during these periods, and work hard on presenting a professional, approachable, trustworthy image.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)


Astrologically speaking, 2018 is set to be a relatively quiet year for the Twins. A key theme will involve you balancing your desire to settle into a routine against your desire for adventure and change – because, as ever, you’re unlikely to make up your mind firmly on exactly what you want. A lot of planetary activity this year takes place in your higher education zone, so perhaps you can calm your wandering mind with a course of study or a new qualification of some kind.

In May, Uranus, the planet of surprise and rebellion, moves into your spiritual zone, where it will stay for the next several years. Don’t be surprised to find that you no longer feel quite at home in your current faith, and don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions and to explore your spirituality. There are no right or wrong answers, because the search for answers is the journey in itself. Be aware that family or friends may be unsettled by your changing beliefs, and this could cause some arguments in May, August or September – this is when Mars squares up to Uranus, so deeply held convictions will resist challenge or change.

Overall, it’s a year for learning and growing, and for expanding your mind and your spiritual horizons. A Lunar Eclipse in July could signal a sudden need for excitement, so expect a crazy couple of weeks sandwiched in-between periods of calmer, quieter progress.


Passionate Mars spends the early part of the year in your love zone, so you can expect your relationship to be warm, spontaneous and a lot of fun. If you’re single, the first three months of 2018 are the ideal time for dating – but don’t set out with a preconceived idea of your perfect partner. Let things evolve and unfold. The last three months of the year are less helpful for single Geminis, as Venus turns retrograde. Turn to friendships and family instead, and stop trying too hard.

In an existing relationship, there’s a delicate balancing act to tread in February when career and work issues may eat into time available for love. Mars squares up to Neptune at this time, putting romance on the back burner, much to someone’s displeasure. A Full Moon in March could mark a rise in tensions at home, probably related to this work-life balance issue, but any ensuing argument will help to clear the air so that you can get back on track.

Watch out for control and jealousy issues in April, when Mars conjuncts Saturn in the sexiest part of your chart. Avoid using intimacy as a weapon, or being overly suspicious of your partner. Honesty and openness will help to avoid too much tension at this time.


It’s a nose to the grindstone year – how much hard work are you prepared to put in? Financially, 2018 could be a little stretched, so you may find yourself needing or wanting to look at side hustles to increase your income. A Full Moon in your money zone in early January may mark a shock to the system; this is followed in June and July by two tricky oppositions from the Sun to Saturn and Pluto respectively, both of which indicate financial restraint, belt-tightening and perhaps some losses. The good news, however, is that this financial trouble is likely to inspire and motivate you, rather than scare you. You’ve got this.

You’re starting the year as you mean to go on, with a brilliant Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your daily work zone, which provides you with plenty of go-getting energy, and a rather nice helping of luck and good fortune too. So, whatever it is that the Full Moon brings, you’ll fight back. Good for you. Some of the fight back may involve having to knuckle down in a job you don’t really enjoy. When Jupiter turns retrograde in your daily work zone in March, you’ll be hanging on in there regardless, determined to stick it out.

Your tenacity and perseverance will pay off. Bountiful Jupiter joins forces with idealistic Neptune twice, in May and August, to boost both your ideas and your prospects. Even if finances are up and down, you look to be staying positive and upbeat, which will attract better fortunes your way. As the year closes in December, an excellent Mars-Neptune conjunction in your career zone indicates work which is both lucrative and fulfilling. Don’t give up on pursuing that dream job.

Cancer (June 21st - July 21st)


You’ve spent a lot of time in recent years focusing on other people’s happiness and success, whether that’s at work or within your family and circle of friends. This year, it’s time to take care of yourself better, and to pay closer attention to your most intimate relationship. Batten down the hatches, and turn inwards to focus on what matters most.

The tone for 2018 is set early, with a powerful Full Moon in your own sign in January. This energy encourages you to be more assertive about your own wants and needs, and to learn the gentle art of saying “no” to others. It’s important in these first few months of the year to keep your private life private; the more you open up to others, the more helpful “advice” they will have, which will only serve to confuse you.

Travel beckons this year, especially as a tool for broadening your horizons and expanding your interests. In May and August in particular, two beautiful trines between your passion zone and your travel zone bring opportunities to discover something – or someone – to love. New experiences will enrich your life at any point this year, so don’t be afraid to take on new challenges. You have more courage than you know.


Of all areas of your life, it’s your love life which will need the closest attention in 2018. A promising Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your passion zone heats up the temperature in January, but as the northern spring arrives, there are signs that your relationship may need some TLC. From April to September, both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in your love zone, indicating power struggles and a real clash of wills. When Mars conjuncts Saturn in April, frustrations could come to a head.

The northern summer months are a time of re-assessment in your love life. That’s not as scary as it sounds. In an established relationship, intimacy issues will need some work during the Mars retrograde period in June, July and August. During this same period, the Cancer Sun opposes first Saturn and then Pluto in your love zone, so it’s important to put your own ego aside in order to listen to your partner and to acknowledge any problems. Turning a blind eye to relationship niggles will only make things worse, but with open and honest communication, the healing process can quickly get underway.

By the time October arrives, loving Venus is retrograde in your passion zone. Sounds like a bad thing, but actually this is one retrograde which you can embrace. This energy helps you to appreciate what and who you already have. Spend October and November re-imagining your relationship, ready to re-light the spark which drew you together in the first place. Perhaps it’s time for a second honeymoon?


Financially, life looks set to be pretty stable during 2018, and you should be able to maintain or improve your current standard of living. There are some question marks, however, around what exactly you do to earn a living, and whether or not you could and should be doing something more emotionally satisfying. February is a good month to explore this: a square between Mars in your everyday work zone and idealistic Neptune in your philosophy zone highlights your humanitarian instincts. Could you take a sideways move into work which you might find more meaningful or worthwhile?

Ponder on that, but hold on a few months before you make the move. During March and April, Mercury is retrograde in your career zone, so these are not the best months for job hunting or for selling your skills. It is the perfect time for incubating ideas, however, so you can plan where you would like to be and find a way to get there. An inspirational trine between Mars and innovative Uranus will help you find an unusual angle or an ahead-of-its-time concept to run with. Work which combines technology with a social conscience will be especially rewarding for you this year.

The travel vibe I mentioned earlier is relevant to your working life too, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself traveling for work purposes. During May and August in particular, insight into other countries and cultures could help a great deal in terms of moving forwards in your career.

Leo (July 22nd - August 21st)


2018 is a very family focused year for you, Leo. You’ll feel a strong desire to put down or deepen your roots, and you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with your nearest and dearest. If you are hoping to expand the family, a fantastic Mars-Jupiter conjunction in January suggests a new arrival could be on the way. Whether we’re talking baby or hamster here, you’re sure to have lots of love to give and lots of nurturing to do during the coming twelve months.

There are some definite surprises in store for your family life, however – especially with bountiful Jupiter in residence in your family zone for a good part of the year. 2018 could mark a turning point in family life, perhaps with a move to a bigger home, or to a smaller one if older kids are leaving the nest. There may be births, engagements or other excitement you weren’t expecting, but most of the surprises bring definite reasons to smile.

Be careful with your words from August onwards. Mercury turns retrograde in your sign and Uranus, the rebel planet, also retrogrades; this allows the surprises to settle and for a “new normal” to be established, but someone may be misinterpreting what you say or do, in a bid to create mischief. Stand your ground and be as open as possible in your communication style.


Your closest relationship will benefit from the overall loving and family focused vibe this year. However, there are periods of the year where your work-life-family balance is out of synch with your partner, and this could cause some frustrations.

A square between passionate Mars and idealistic Neptune in February gives the first hint that one or both of you are wearing rose tinted glasses, and perhaps ignoring brewing discontent over family time. When Mars moves onto square volatile Uranus – three times, in May, August and September – the problem can no longer be ignored and tempers are likely to flare. In May, the Sun in your career zone opposes happy Jupiter in your family zone, indicating that something has to give. A Lunar Eclipse in your love zone in July may also suggest a crisis point.

Don’t panic. The key is to put ego aside and to find a compromise within your relationship, especially over each other’s careers and working life. The cosmos comes to your aid in this during August and September. In June, with idealistic Neptune turning retrograde, realism gets a bolder grip; with warrior planet Mars also turning retrograde, you have a chance to put conflict aside and to reach pragmatic solutions. By the time December arrives, your work-life balance should be much better and relationship tensions will have eased accordingly. Mars conjuncts romantic Neptune at this time in one of the most passionate areas of your chart, so it looks likely that you will end 2018 on a healing, loving and tender note.


Your career looks likely to develop well in 2018, although as we have already seen, the time and attention you give to work could cause some frustrations in your home and family life. Overall, however, you are putting in a strong showing at work, and it seems likely that your leadership skills be will attracting praise. Innovative Uranus arrives in your career zone in May, where it will spend the next seven years or so – so this year could mark the start of a new chapter in your working life.

Unfortunately, not everyone is pleased for you. In April especially, work place jealousy or resentment is likely to cause some problems. Taskmaster Saturn and power-hungry Pluto are both retrograde in your everyday work zone at this time, and when Mars conjuncts Saturn, tempers at work may flare. Colleagues are likely to prove spiky and unreasonable at times – the best way to handle this is to keep your cool and simply get on with your job. Leave the office politics to those with time to waste.

A much more positive cosmic event is the grand trine in August, which takes place between the Sun in your money zone, Saturn in your everyday work zone and Uranus in your career zone – this should help with an innovative solution to the work-life balance issue, and may also set you off in an entirely new career direction. Exciting times lie ahead!

Virgo (August 22nd - September 21st)


You’re starting 2018 in a very settled mode, Virgo – but perhaps a little bit too settled? You’re well within your comfort zone, but you get the sense that you’re simply treading water a lot of the time. All this is about to change, so put your brave pants on and start looking toward the future.

The first rumblings of change are likely to coincide with March’s Full Moon in your own sign. Suddenly, life looks a little bit samey, a little bit boring, and you’ll start to cast around for ways of switching things up. Come May, when Uranus arrives in your exploration zone, you’ll definitely notice itchy feet and a desire to challenge yourself. Trouble is, being an earth sign, you have a love-hate relationship with change of any kind. A tricky Mars-Uranus square occurs three times this year, in May, August and September, and each time you’ll struggle to reconcile your desire for change with your love of the status quo. Watch out during these periods for an urge to throw it all away and start again.

July is likely to bring something of a wakeup call in terms of your health and wellbeing, especially with the Lunar Eclipse in your health zone. It’s a fabulous time to look into your diet and exercise regime, and to start putting your own needs first. After a bumpy ride during the first half of 2018, you’ll become more comfortable with the pace of change from August onwards, when an earthy grand trine aspect helps you to be your own catalyst for change, rather than merely tolerating it.


If your relationship is floundering, it won’t be helped by family interference in February, when a difficult Mars-Neptune square finds you being given deliberately misleading counsel on affairs of the heart. The northern hemisphere’s spring may also bring some tricky vibes, with Mars and Saturn going head to head in your passion zone, reigning in mutual attraction and making dating anyone new very tough going indeed.

The good news is that May and August could potentially be very special months for your love life. In both months, creative Jupiter trines romantic Neptune, suggesting that you’ll find a new or renewed creative and intellectual attraction with someone very interesting indeed. In June, Neptune turns retrograde in your love zone, highlighting karmic and spiritual links between you and your lover; you’ve known one another before, and it shows, in a good way.

The second half of the year is much better than the first for love and romance, although take care in September to stay grounded. An opposition between the Virgo Sun and Neptune suggests that idealism and escapism in love may be turning those glasses not just rose tinted but positively vivid pink. Keep it real. That way, as the end of the year rolls round, you’ll be able to enjoy a passionate Mars-Neptune conjunction in your love zone. This is what you’ve been waiting for, as your relationship moves to new and special heights.


The first half of 2018 finds you going through the motions at work. You’re earning money, sure, but it’s very much “just a job” and not really lighting your fire. When colleagues become difficult or working conditions become uncomfortable in June, July and August, you may decide that enough is enough. Mars is retrograde in your everyday work zone at this time, so motivation to make that change is low, even though you’re not happy. However, in July a Sun-Mars opposition helps you to pluck up both the courage and the energy to make some changes.

August’s grand trine involves the Virgo Sun, Saturn and Uranus, all working together, creating exciting new work prospects for you – crucially with the opportunity to use your considerable creative abilities. Whatever you’re trained in and whatever career path you’re currently following, it’s stifling you. Look around and see what makes your heart beat a little bit faster. Follow your inspiration to unearth new job opportunities which could be tailor-made for your skills.

Don’t necessarily expect a new direction to pay off instantly, however. As Venus turns retrograde in your money zone in October and November, you may well end up taking a pay cut in order to get this new job or new venture off the ground. It’s a sacrifice, but it’s temporary. Hang on in there, because when you’re doing something you love, the rewards will come.

Libra (September 22nd - October 22nd)


Families can be funny things. Yours has been on quite the journey in recent years, but this has created a lot of baggage. During 2018 your family dynamics are set to change for the better, and this is also a year for forgiveness. Forgiving someone important for the wrong they have done to you frees up your emotional energy for healing and for moving forwards, so don’t hesitate to be magnanimous. You can afford to be, as you’re working from a position of emotional strength.

These energies get underway with a bang in April, when serious Saturn and power-hungry Pluto both turn retrograde in your family zone; at the same time, Mars goes head to head with Saturn, in an emotional tug of war from which there can be no winner. This could be a difficult period, but it’s important to remember that in life, everything changes. Nothing ever stays the same. Try to adapt to the changes and indeed, welcome them. You cannot cling to the past.

Things will get much easier in the northern summer months. August’s grand trine is a hugely positive indicator of emotional healing and these energies will prove to you that you can learn from the past, and that yes, you can forgive, if not forget. You’ll end the year with a sense of family togetherness. Although much water passes under the bridge this year, you still understand that you’ve got one another’s backs.


Your love life may be experiencing a rough patch as the year gets underway, not helped by Mercury’s retrograde period at the end of March and into April – it could be difficult to get your words out, or to say what’s really in your heart. However, there’s a new lease of life coming in May, when rebellious Uranus arrives in the sexiest part of your chart, ushering in several adventurous months for your sexuality and your private life.

Whether this is your existing relationship being spiced up, or a brand new and very intense love affair, it will certainly make you smile. Be careful not to take things too far, however. In May, and again in August and September, passionate Mars squares up to Uranus, indicating tempestuous jealousy and the possibility of someone using sex as a weapon or as emotional blackmail. Steady on. Things may come to a head during a Lunar Eclipse in your passion zone in July; watch out for a moment which changes everything. With Mars turning retrograde around this time, it’s important to realize that some things are simply beyond your control.

Once Uranus turns retrograde in August, the intensity should start to lessen, which will be good for your nerves if nothing else! During the second half of the year, karmic and psychic links between you and your lover become more and more prominent, so you’ll end 2018 with a much deeper level of understanding than you thought possible.


Although 2018 begins with your finances and career in reasonable shape, there could be some surprises in store. January’s lucky and creative Mars-Jupiter conjunction occurs in your money zone, so unexpected opportunities to make some money are very welcome. However, once Jupiter turns retrograde in March, money starts to be frittered away at a rather alarming rate. In June and July, you may come under pressure to lend money to a family member, or to bail out a kid in trouble. You’ll feel duty bound to help, even if it’s against your better judgement – and this could be expensive.

A new business venture or new job in the early northern hemisphere springtime starts well enough, but do rein in the risks you are taking. You may be over-reaching, either in terms of your ability or your finances. Don’t be tempted to bluff your way through, as you will be caught out. There’s better news in August, when a lovely Jupiter-Neptune trine indicates a bettering of your position, helped by your imaginative and creative pitch about what you’re worth.

Through sheer hard work and talent, you should be able to survive this year, even with family pressures, but do take expert advice with your finances. This is especially important in October, when a Sun-Uranus opposition suggests that your ego may get in the way of your financial or business judgement. Provided you can keep your spending and your risk-taking under control, you should end 2018 in a stronger position than you started – you’re heading in the right direction.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)


How’s your health, Scorpio? Yes, your physical health is good. Great. But what about your mental health? During 2018, you’re being asked to take a good look at your emotional equilibrium and mental wellbeing, and to make some adjustments to help you truly feel at your best. It’s a slightly unpredictable year, with lots of planetary activity in and around your sign, but one thing I do know for sure is that 2018 is a great opportunity for your personal growth.

The year begins on a high, with a fantastic Mars-Jupiter conjunction in your sign, which boosts your confidence and enhances your personal image. This is take-on-the-world stuff, so don’t waste it! By the time March arrives, however, Jupiter is turning retrograde in Scorpio, and your sparkle becomes a little dimmed. There may be further blips and dips in your confidence later in the year too, especially in October, when personable Venus turns retrograde in your own sign, and in early December, when communicative Mercury does likewise.

However, interspersed with these down times, there are opportunities for you to work on yourself and to regain the upper hand. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy, but if you can practice positive habits at the beginning of the year and again mid-year, you will shore up your own self-belief, allowing you to make the most of the year’s more reflective periods for growth and self-understanding.


In May, Uranus, the most rebellious and freedom-loving planet of all, arrives in your love zone, where it will stay for the next seven years or so. This is the beginning of a new era in your personal life – and the first stages may be quite shocking, unsettling or dramatic. In May and again in August and September, warrior planet Mars squares up to Uranus, pitting your love life against your family life in a series of uncomfortable showdowns. Don’t be surprised to find your blood family aghast at your relationship, and doing their best to interfere.

This theme of family interference is likely to continue through the northern summer. When Mars turns retrograde in your family zone between June and August, things may come to a head. In July, there is a potent Lunar Eclipse in your family zone, which may indicate a point of no return for one side of the argument. Stay calm, and do what is right for you.

Fortunately, from August onwards, the situation quietens down a little. Uranus turns retrograde in your love zone, reminding you that “normal” is good. Find peace in everyday life with your sweetheart and stop looking for the next fight. Apart from a difficult Sun-Uranus opposition in October, when your selfish streak may cause trouble in love, the signs are that the rest of the year will allow the dust to settle; you’ll find your feet slowly and your relationship will be all the stronger for what it has survived.


Creativity at work goes hand in hand this year with a rather impulsive streak, which is quite unlike you. To successfully harness and develop your brilliant ideas, you’ll need patience and staying power, and the will to wait for the right moment. Mars and Uranus drive forwards innovation and invention in March, helping you find surprising solutions to old problems. Optimistic Jupiter in your sign gets an imaginative boost from Neptune in May and August, so these are also ripe times for creating a new venture or for marketing yourself well in your existing career - provided you don’t rush in without due care.

However, a difficult Mars-Neptune square in February activates your money zone and your risk zone. Hasty decisions on finances could come back to haunt you this year. Mercury turns retrograde in your career zone in August, so you may need to take a step back at this time. Plan your future path by all means, but don’t push ahead foolishly at a moment when the risks are too high. In November, reckless Mars squares up to Jupiter, again activating your money and risk zones, so watch out for someone who encourages you to throw caution to the wind, yet remains safely protected themselves.

If you can develop an instinct for good timing, there is much this year to suggest very satisfying career progress. Work to your own agenda and your own pace, and don’t allow yourself to be rushed. When the world is ready for you, you’ll know!

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 20th)


If there’s one message being shouted loud from the cosmos towards you this year, it’s this: stop coasting. You have been sitting back for a while now, reasonably comfy in your status quo but not really going places. This year, it’s time to make more and better use of your talents, and to push yourself well and truly out of your comfort zone.

Early on in the year, around February, you may face the weight of unrealistic family expectations, especially in how much you are expected to care for others. With warrior planet Mars in your own sign at this time, a clash with idealistic Neptune could lead to a lot of resentment or guilt. Make sacrifices where appropriate, but don’t allow other family members to escape their share of the responsibility. Between March and July, Jupiter turns retrograde in the most spiritual sector of your chart. This could be a time of spiritual crisis, and that sense of guilt is still hanging around your shoulders. Whether you have a particular faith or not, talk to those around you who share the same beliefs, and listen to the advice you receive.

It's in the northern summer where you will really feel the push to stretch yourself. A Lunar Eclipse in July highlights your education and training. Should you go back to school for a while? With Mars retrograde in your learning zone, the focus is on what you don’t yet know. Expand your mind. Take on more. Learn and grow. That’s where you’ll find true satisfaction.


Communication doesn’t always come easily this year, especially with those you love the most. While family pressures mount, Mercury turns retrograde in your passion zone in March, so making time for your sweetheart proves difficult. The good news is that a fiery and flirtatious Mars-Uranus trine during this time heats things up nicely. You may not have much time together, but what time you do have you can certainly put to good use! Flirting and date nights will strengthen and shore up your closest relationship, helping to keep that sparkle alive.

If you’re single and looking for love, don’t look too far afield. The special someone you seek is probably right under your nose. A colleague, friend or casual acquaintance may suddenly become so much more, if only you open your eyes and realize what’s staring you in the face.

Whether you’re in an established relationship or not, the northern winter months look sure to be cozy. A beautiful Mars-Neptune conjunction in December is highly romantic. Occurring primarily in your family zone, this influence will also soften the family tensions which have been around all year, freeing up more time for you to spend with your absolute favorite person.


This year is not without its financial challenges. You never know, though. Perhaps this is fate’s way of jolting you into action. Get up off that sofa and get working! A Full Moon in March in your career zone may well be the trigger for events during March which leave you needing to work some financial magic. With both Saturn and Pluto retrograde in your money zone between April and September, this is easier said than done. However, unpredictable Uranus arrives in your everyday work zone in May, bringing flashes of genius and off-the-wall ideas which might just succeed. Don’t overlook your crazier notions. There is gold within.

In May and again in August, help is at hand from a family member or close personal friend. Bountiful Jupiter trines imaginative Neptune at these times, so listen to those closest to you for inspiration and advice on your career or business. Although your creativity may feel blocked in June, during a tricky Sun-Saturn opposition, you do have what it takes to get a new venture off the ground now.

An earthy grand trine in August activates your career, money and everyday work zones, and surrounds you with positive, sensible, can-do energy. This is the time to get to grips with any financial or career problems, and to make a fresh start where necessary. New plans made at this time stand an excellent chance of success. Keep moving forwards and remember: if it’s difficult, it’s probably worth doing!

Capricorn (December 21st - January 18th)


With lots of emotions swirling around you, 2018 looks set to be a sensitive and thoughtful year for you, Capricorn. You sense that you are at a turning point in life, which makes you anxious and slightly fearful. The planets this year may bring you concern and worries, but you’ll also benefit from a huge amount of emotional support. Your loved ones come closer than ever, which is a blessing in trying times. You’re not always sure who you can trust, and this year does highlight those trust issues. Although one particular friend may let you down, however, you will discover that more people care than you knew.

The year begins with a blip in your confidence as Mars squares up to Neptune in February. Secrets may be revealed, or you might feel on edge for no real reason. Between March and July, jovial Jupiter is retrograde in your friends zone, so you are likely to feel lost at large gatherings, or unable to assert your identity within your social group. For a similar period, between April and September, Saturn – your ruler – and Pluto are both retrograde in your identity zone. Watch out for taking on too much at this time. People may take advantage of your good nature, and you may have to step away from someone who is using you.

When you feel anxious this year, try to find unusual or even eccentric solutions. Getting creative will help enormously. Once free-spirited Uranus moves into your leisure zone in May, new hobbies will build both your confidence and your social network.


Your romantic life is calm and ordered as 2018 begins, and the status quo suits you just fine. There is some excitement to come, however, particularly in May, when rebel planet Uranus arrives in your passion zone. Trying hard to inject some pizazz and sparkle into your love life will pay dividends – don’t allow yourself to get into a rut with love. Be careful not to push too hard. In June and July there are hints of a stalemate between you and your lover, when the Sun opposes first Saturn and then Pluto in your own sign. If you have been together for some time, your sweetheart may not appreciate your sudden desire to recapture your dating days!

You’ll get the balance right in August, when an earthy grand trine aspect highlights your flirtatious side and your well-hidden adventurous nature. This is an excellent time for re-inventing your relationship with confidence and – crucially! – with the blessing of your partner too. Together you can start afresh, but it must be an equal partnership, not just you wanting to push for something different.

As the northern winter arrives, a lack of trust between you and your sweetheart could lead to some divisive arguments. As Mercury turns retrograde in your house of secrets, try to be more open with your lover. Share your darkest fears and your strangest dreams. Opening up will bring you closer; hiding from one another will increase the distance between you.


The main issues with your career this year also revolve around trust, and around your willingness to take risks. You have big ideas and big ambitions, but somehow you often seem to lack the impetus to do anything about them. Motivation is tricky in May, August and September this year, when an awkward square between Mars and Uranus leads to you regretting an impulsive action at work. Once bitten, twice shy, so you will be correspondingly less willing to take another risk at another point in the year.

However, when it comes to risk, you can be your own worst enemy. As Mars turns retrograde in June in your money zone, being overly cautious with your money can be almost as bad as being too reckless with it. Expect a turning point in July during the Lunar Eclipse in this zone of your chart. Run your ideas past your partner, since your money and your future income is very much his or her business too. Try to seek expert advice about finances. Some careers advice or life coaching wouldn’t be a bad idea either – get help with crystalizing and clarifying your ambitions, and creating a step by step plan for achieving them.

A tense opposition between the Sun and Mars in July suggests a reluctance to share; it could be that a relative or friend asks you for help, but you’re not entirely sure you want to give it. Whether you’re being asked for money, contacts or hands-on help, think carefully. Decide whether to help or not based on what you know about this person and their trustworthiness, not based on duty or a desire to be seen to be doing the right thing.

Aquarius (January 19th - February 17th)


2018 looks certain to bring many changes for you, Aquarius – but that’s a good thing, right? You hate it when life stays the same for too long. Lucky you: there’s not much chance of that this year! Much of the change is set to be in and around your family life, but you will also be re-thinking your career options and re-assessing your personal values.

Between April and September, serious Saturn and power-hungry Pluto are retrograde in your sacrifice zone. This means you’re unlikely to want to compromise, especially where your principles are involved. Rules are made to be broken at this time, and if someone pushes you, you’ll react by breaking even more. Freedom and individuality are always important to you, but now more than ever. You’ll ruffle feathers in your ongoing quest against authority. This is a year when you can make a difference and make your voice heard as an individual against the powers that be, but be sure that you’re fighting this fight for the right reasons.

Unconventional Uranus arrives in your family zone in May, and will stay here for the next seven years. When this planet turns retrograde in August, your very definitely non-standard family lifestyle comes under an uncomfortable spotlight. You can hack this, but can your loved ones? As Mars turns retrograde in your identity zone through July and August, you’ll need to pick your battles wisely with family members. Take them with you, don’t motivate them against you. The Lunar Eclipse in July may bring matters to a head here, so be prepared. The good news is that August’s grand trine is transformational for your family life and for your personal values too – so if you are looking to create a new lifestyle this will be when you start to break through.


In your love life this year, be careful to avoid selfishness. A Lunar Eclipse in your love zone in January hints at the problem – you are very busy thinking about what you want and need, but you tend to just assume that your sweetheart feels likewise. They might not. Find out – ask! Just because your sweetie hasn’t created an argument about something does not mean that he or she fully supports the idea either. Talk about it!

In July, a tense opposition between the Sun and Mars indicates that you are likely to be still putting yourself first. You value independence within a relationship, which is fine – but within your partnership, you must show more respect for your partner’s feelings, ideas and wishes. It’s not that you don’t care; you’re simply so busy with and so excited by your own plans and ideas that you forget to find out if everyone is as on board as you are.

As Mercury turns retrograde in your love zone in August, communication problems may continue – but it’s during this time that family lifestyle issues are likely to resolve themselves, so keep on communicating, keep on opening the dialogue. You’ll get there. Given the changes coming to your family this year, it’s not surprising that there are tense moments. Going into this with a loving and open heart will do a lot to heal any wounds.


After a fortunate career period over the last few years, things may seem to stagnate slightly in early 2018. Bountiful Jupiter is retrograde in your career zone between March and July, and this vibe asks you to question the point of your work. What does it mean? Does it make a difference? Does it fulfil you? If not, why not?

This soul searching over your means of income is something of a luxury, however, so don’t be surprised if your sweetheart becomes impatient or exasperated with you over it. In May, especially, an opposition between the Sun and Jupiter pits your career zone and your family zone against one another, so it’s safe to say that your plans may not at this stage enjoy the full support of your long-suffering other half.

He or she will start to come around to your way of thinking later in May, and again in August, when a delightful trine between Jupiter and imaginative Neptune paves the way for an increase in income – and one you can accept with good conscience too, as the ethics behind this extra work are sound. Don’t let this increase go to your head. When Neptune turns retrograde in your money zone between June and November, your “easy come, easy go” attitude to finance could bother more sensitive souls. Try to act with a little caution. Come December, a startlingly positive Mars-Neptune conjunction helps you to make more money AND feel good about it, as your career shifts into a more meaningful and spiritually aligned direction.

Pisces (February 18th - March 19th)


Looking for answers, Pisces? You’re right to search. You may not find all the answers in 2018, but your desire to seek them bodes well for your spiritual growth this year. Sometimes the energies around you this year will be a little bit vague and ephemeral, so don’t be surprised if you go through some periods of feeling emotional or anxious but without really knowing why. Your higher self is figuring things out, and that takes some time.

Intellectual Jupiter turns retrograde in your adventure zone in March, and in April, Saturn and Pluto do likewise in your objectives zone. Taken together, these influences spark a journey of the soul. You don’t know where you’re heading, but you sense the need to get going. During May and again in August, it’s important that you seek to be happy with yourself. Pay no heed to what others think of you. It’s not important. As Jupiter trines spiritual Neptune in your identity zone, the only thing that matters is your opinion of yourself.

Once your ruling planet Neptune turns retrograde in June, you may feel slightly lost and out of the loop. Warrior planet Mars also turns retrograde in your community zone, driving you to seek out those who feel the same way. Band together with like-minded souls and feel the power of togetherness. There is a Lunar Eclipse in July in the most spiritual part of your chart, which may take your breath away. Expect sudden spiritual insight, weird coincidences or a turning point in your spiritual life.


If you’re single and looking for love, there’s good news. Your chances of meeting someone special are strong in July and August, when a retrograde Mars drives you to take shelter within your “tribe”, and among like-minded souls. Look there for a lover who truly understands you. In an established relationship, you will spend much of 2018 exploring your karmic and spiritual links. In July, for example, an imposing opposition between the ego-driven Sun and passion-driven Mars results in revelations about how you two met in a previous life, or what your joint soul mission might be.

The northern summer months are an inspirational time for your love life. August’s grand trine aspect activates your love zone and urges you to seek intellectual stimulation from your partner, and to step away from shallow physical attraction. It’s important to keep things grounded and real, however. In September, watch out for too much conflict-avoidance on your part. As the Sun opposes Neptune, you may be simply storing up problems for the future. If something needs to be discussed, talk about it now.

The Northern Hemisphere winter brings a beautiful conjunction between Mars and Neptune in your identity zone, which is a wonderful indicator of mesmerizing seasonal romance. The next holiday season should be one to remember for all the right reasons! Within an existing partnership, bring back the first flush of romance with plenty of poetry, music and romantic gestures.


If your finances have been a bit stretched recently, January should bring a sigh of relief. Once rebel planet Uranus turns direct in your money zone, your income should start to bounce back nicely. However, be careful if your income depends upon your reputation – if you are a freelancer, for example, or someone well known in your industry. A difficult square between Mars and Neptune in February suggests disruption caused by a scandal of some kind. Be whiter than white, or be prepared to face the consequences!

After February onwards, your career takes a creative turn. Helped by a brilliant and inventive trine between Mars and Uranus, you’ll probably start to think outside the box, creating new ideas, new solution and new income streams. This would be a fantastic time to be involved in social media or online business ventures, or indeed with any kind of cutting edge tech. If you can blend the very modern with good old-fashioned courtesy and business ethics, you have a winning formula.

The notion of finding your spiritual tribe applies this year at work too. From April onwards, you may want to tighten your niche, and to look for work more closely connected to your heart. A new career in health, wellbeing, counselling or guidance of some kind would suit you perfectly. Don’t limit your dreams to the field where you already work. Go where your heart takes you!

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