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Weekly Horoscope

Week of February 19, 2017

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Mars is on the warpath this week, joining forces with unpredictable Uranus but butting heads with powerful, forceful Pluto. Add a tense Solar Eclipse into the mix and it’s looking like an ill-tempered, potentially angry week both on the world stage and closer to home.


Do what you can to avoid a confrontation at work. Your ego may be bruised, but going in all guns blazing is not the solution. Retreat and calm down. Think about your next move rationally - take advice from your loved ones.


You may be your own worst enemy this week, especially if you have a tendency towards being passive-aggressive. Instead of getting defensive, keep an open mind and try to learn something new from others.


Jealousy could be a problem, especially among friends or in a social group. You can avoid emotional scenes by making a conscious effort to think the best of others, not the worst. Give people courtesy if you want them to behave likewise towards you.


Passions run high in your closest relationship, but work is getting in the way of your love life. Compromise is essential, but don't expect it to come easily or naturally. This is something you'll need to work at throughout this week.


You are passionate about your own beliefs, but be careful not to force them onto others. Disputes and arguments about religion, politics or ethics could quickly turn nasty. Just because you think something, you don't have to say it out loud!


Tensions in a love relationship come to a head this week, especially if there has been infidelity from one or other partner. Forgiveness and reconciliation is possible, but first you must allow these intense emotions an outlet. It's OK to get mad.


Interfering family members may cause tension in your love life this week. Keep smiling and rise above it all. For all their talk, your relationship is none of their business. Focus on your partner, and ignore the naysayers.


Overwork or stress is having an impact on your health, and it's time you did something about that. Make a point this week of going to bed earlier, or delegating some of your tasks. You can't keep exhausting yourself indefinitely.


Gambling and other forms of financial recklessness are very dangerous this week. You're vulnerable to get rich schemes and other scams, so try to avoid making major financial decisions until you can see things more clearly.


Time spent sorting out domestic matters will help you to feel more settled and at ease. Clean out your closets, or put the house up for sale if you want to move. Take steps towards being more comfortable in your own environment.


A traffic altercation or a row with a neighbor could easily get out of hand during this week's turbulent energies. Practice mindfulness in order to control your temper, and remember that this too shall pass, soon enough.


Someone's words hurt you this week - and that was the intention. There's a lot of spite in the air, so it's only natural that you may feel wary and a little insecure. Seek refuge with those who love you the most, and be kind to yourself.

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