Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

July 23rd, 2016

Toiling away has never been your thing. You prefer the freedom to do whatever you like with your time and energy. Today might seem perfect for blowing off a little steam along with your work or chores, because you're feeling a little antsy. While you're happy evading responsibility, just remember the joyride can't last forever. Soon, you'll have to deal with real life again. And some people might be pretty annoyed you were slacking, even for a little while.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: rushed

Keywords: irrational, sloppy


July 24th, 2016

An exciting day awaits you. This is pretty much a given, because if the action doesn't find you, you're sure to find it! You're even more daring than usual, so don't hang back in any situation -- unless, of course, prudence is called for. In that case, you could have a tough time working against your own nature and the energetic vibe of the day. But at least you'll have fun!

Intensity: 63%

Mood: optimistic

Keywords: ambitious, competitive


July 25th, 2016

An adventure is in order today. You're bursting with energy, and it needs some sort of outlet. Impulsive moves are fun, even if they get you into temporary trouble. Besides, you think fast on your feet, so it shouldn't be difficult to charm or talk your way out of a tight spot. Being carefree feeds your soul, so take your opportunity today to do just that. Go out and play!

Intensity: 63%

Mood: unusual

Keywords: pride, spontaneous


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