Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

May 26th, 2015

Today, you feel constrained by the demands of logic. You're a philosopher and a seeker. You know the universe is a much broader, more varied place than conventional thinkers might believe. But there's a time and a place for cool, straightforward reason, too. Today is one of those days when you're better off being ruthlessly logical than whimsically creative. Rationality can open doors in ways you might never expect.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: zany

Keywords: inhospitable, resentful


May 27th, 2015

Your usual high energy could become high-strung today. You're feeling a little nervous and restless, so it's hard to keep still. But you need to focus if you're going to get through all the items on your to-do list. If you have a lot on your plate now, take a few moments to perform a quick deep-breathing meditation. This will center your thoughts so you can work more effectively.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: surprised

Keywords: tense, uptight


May 28th, 2015

This is a good time to shop for clothes or items to decorate your living or working area. Your normally outrageous tendencies are somewhat subdued today, and you have a better sense of what goes together well. You can still express yourself fully, but in ways that won't offend the sensibilities of anyone and everyone who looks at you. Your new threads or wall hangings will be both tasteful and expressive.

Intensity: 59%

Mood: lucky

Keywords: fascinating, captivating


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