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Monthly Horoscope

January 2017

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January begins on a relaxed note, thanks to gentle Venus’s entry into compassionate Pisces on the 2nd. This is a lovely opportunity to put worldly matters on the back burner. Instead of focusing on money, status and material goods, concentrate on making the world a better place. Donating time and money to a charitable cause should be highly rewarding. There’s a very good chance for single people to find love through volunteer efforts, thanks to the romantic influence of Venus.

On the 4th, Mercury’s retrograde entry into adventurous Sagittarius favors programs of study, educational trips and writing projects, especially from the past. Take this opportunity to venture into unfamiliar territory. Connecting with an overseas company or foreign-born client may be extremely profitable during this time.

Sensible Mercury finally moves forward on the 8th, causing a sigh of relief in everyone. Getting the green light for projects will be much easier. Out-of-stock supplies will also be replenished, enabling people to get exactly what they want, rather than settling for second best. Unfortunate misunderstandings could also be cleared up. What seemed like an insult could be revealed as a difference in religious or cultural attitudes.

The Full Moon in Cancer churns up a great deal of emotion regarding intimate relationships on the 12th. It is part of a very challenging Grand Cross involving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. It may be best to put chores on the back burner for the sake of a best friend, romantic partner or business associate. By putting the focus on affairs of the heart, it will be easier to cope with public pressure. The secret to having a successful career is enjoying a happy home life. On the same day, thoughtful Mercury will begin its tour of corporate Capricorn. Devising a way to spend less time at the office is strongly advised. Working from home, accepting fewer responsibilities or exchanging a full-time position for part-time work are among the possibilities.

The spirited Sun enters visionary Aquarius on the 19th, making it a great time to start a fresh chapter. Quitting a bad habit, embarking on a more rewarding lifestyle or adopting a different belief system are among the possibilities. A support group could be very helpful at this pivotal time. Don’t be afraid to ask the advice of people who have experienced similar challenges. Their guidance can prove invaluable during the second half of January.

On the 27th, the New Moon falls in friendly Aquarius, opening the door to parties, get-togethers and social outings. Take this opportunity to get out and mingle. Making more friends will expand both romantic and professional opportunities. It may be especially enjoyable to rub elbows with free-thinking pioneers. People who look for possibilities instead of problems will have an inspirational effect. Being in their company could cultivate the necessary bravery to launch a business, start a creative project or ask for a date. On the same day, courageous Mars moves into assertive Aries, making it a great time to launch a new project, fitness regimen or business plan.


Being alone may be the way you prefer spending the opening days of January. Tranquil Venus will move into your Privacy Sector on the 2nd, inviting you to rest, relax and reflect. Scale back your social schedule and enjoy some quiet pursuits instead. Communing with nature, spending time with your pets and catching up on your reading are all great ways to recharge your batteries. Even a dynamo like you needs some down time; take some during the first half of January.

On the 10th, the independent Sun makes a square to erratic Uranus, tempting you to break away from a restrictive relationship. Don't end things with your best friend or romantic partner, even if it seems like you have nothing left in common. You will be able to smooth over your differences with the help of a counsellor, thanks to a sextile between Mars, your ruling planet, and persuasive Pluto on the same day. Don't let your famous temper prompt you to do something you will later regret. The truth is, your loved ones provide you with a valuable sense of grounding that keeps you out of trouble.

A family matter could be stressful near the 12th, when the Full Moon causes emotions to run high. Don't let a friend say hurtful things about a favorite relative at this time, or a close relationship could be permanently damaged. On the 27th, the New Moon in sociable Aquarius may have party invitations pouring in. On the same day, Mars will move into your own sign, strengthening your natural drive and determination even more.


Venus, your ruling planet, begins its visit to your Social Circle on the 2nd. Trust your impulses involving a good friend. Your loved one might be too shy to ask for the help they desperately need. Your intuition about people should be very strong throughout the month of January. If a newcomer rubs you the wrong way, keep them at arm's length.

It may develop that your distrust was warranted. Detail-oriented Mercury will go direct on the 8th, making it easier to access funds that were promised some time ago. It's a good time to file a claim, speak with an insurance agent or clarify the terms of an inheritance. If you've been grappling with a legal matter, it may be possible to reach a settlement that satisfies both parties. On the 12th, the Full Moon may put strain on your social life.

You might not be able to attend a social commitment because of work obligations. Instead of putting in more hours at the office, it may be better to attend a birthday, graduation or anniversary celebration. Watch those workaholic tendencies, Taurus. The radiant Sun enters your Public Sector on the 19th, shining the spotlight on you. Assuming a high-profile role will be a welcome opportunity to show off your organizational skills. On the 27th, the New Moon could attract a fabulous career opportunity, possibly in the tech sector. Be ready to apply for an impressive job that opens up unexpectedly. Emphasize your ability to work independently in the interview.


You'll make a fantastic impression at work starting on the 2nd, when gracious Venus moves into your Reputation Sector. Seize this opportunity to go on job interviews, make professional presentations or run for political office. Your wit, intelligence and charm will make a great impression. Mercury, your ruling planet, goes direct on the 8th, making it possible to clear up misunderstandings and forge healthier agreements. If you've been holding off on signing a contract or buying a technical device, you can finally move forward with your plans.

On the 12th, the Full Moon could put a strain on finances. You may not make as much money as you expected from a job. Fortunately, you're flexible enough to adapt to a tighter budget. Be resourceful while looking for more lucrative work. It may be necessary to take a boring, entry-level position to make ends meet before landing a more stimulating job.

Be patient and practical. Mercury moves into your Credit Sector on the same day, further emphasizing the need to be as resourceful as possible with your money. An opportunity to expand your horizons could arrive on the 19th, when the outgoing Sun enters your Adventure Sector. This is a great time to book an overseas trip or study a foreign culture. The New Moon on the 27th could open the door to a fabulous business trip. Getting paid to travel overseas will greatly appeal to your adventurous spirit. Neither a lender nor a borrower be during the closing days of the month, when your ruling planet squares irresponsible Uranus.


Venus moves into your Adventure Sector on the 2nd, inviting you to take a relaxing vacation. Visiting a beautiful city by the sea could inspire your imagination. Obey an impulse to paint, write or play music while getting a change of scenery. On the 8th, mental Mercury moves direct, giving you a chance to make adjustments to a faulty work project. It may be necessary to hire a consultant to help you with a problem that is beyond the scope of your experience.

Don't let pride get in the way of making a good decision. On the 12th, the Full Moon will rise in your sign, churning up powerful emotions. It may be time to move past an upsetting family drama that has weighed on your heart for years. Instead of dwelling on a devious relative's unacceptable behavior, it would be better to make a fresh start. Do something kind for yourself at this trying time.

The confident Sun moves into your Intimacy Sector on the 19th, enhancing your natural charisma. Take this opportunity to satisfy your desire for a close, loving relationship. Ask someone on a date or enjoy quality time with your romantic partner. The New Moon on the 27th may bring a financial windfall in the form of an inheritance, legal settlement or insurance refund. Aggressive Mars moves into your Career Sector on the same day, making it a great time to go after a promotion or apply for a high-profile job.


Alluring Venus moves into your Intimacy Sector on the 2nd, enhancing your charisma and making you a magnet for love. If you have a partner, you'll have a lovely opportunity to enjoy more physical affection together. Are you single? This is a wonderful time to meet someone special, possibly at an artistic, cultural or religious event. Communicative Mercury moves direct on the 8th, allowing you to think more clearly about your priorities.

Making more time for fun and adventure should be at the top of your to-do list. On the 10th, the Sun, your ruling planet, makes a square to erratic Uranus, making it a bad time to argue about politics and religion. Even an innocent remark could spark an angry debate at this sensitive time. Another square between the Sun and excessive Jupiter on the 11th further emphasizes the need for discretion; don't assume people share your views, because they probably won't. The Full Moon on the 12th may bring an embarrassing secret to light.

Make a sincere apology to anyone who is hurt by this disclosure and vow to do better in the future. Your actions will speak louder than words. The dynamic Sun moves into your Relationship Sector on the 19th, strengthening your ability to meet people, make friends and strike compromises. The New Moon on the 27th favors partnerships of all kinds. It's a great time to sign a contract, get engaged or exchange vows. If you are already with the love of your life, arrange to take a romantic trip together.


January opens on a romantic note, thanks to loving Venus moving into your Relationship Sector on the 2nd. Although you don't like displays of emotion, you should show your affection openly for your partner at this expressive time. Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into your Domestic Sector on the 4th. This would be a good time to make a shopping list of supplies. Don't buy anything until the 8th, when Mercury goes direct.

At that point, you can finally catch up on housework and resolve family quarrels. Coming home to an orderly, tranquil environment will make it easier to deal with the pressures at work. The Full Moon on the 12th could put strain on your social circle. You may decide to break off a friendship with someone who keeps making unethical choices. You've always placed great value on kindness, honesty and consideration.

Don't lower your standards at this stage of the game. On the same day, Mercury will enter your Intimacy Sector, prompting you to consider a serious commitment to a business or romantic partner. On the 27th, the New Moon will bring an exciting work opportunity. Be sure to accept a job that has plenty of perks. At the end of the month, some unexpected expenses could put a crimp in your budget, due to a square between Mercury and unpredictable Uranus on the 31st. Fortunately, you won't need a lot of money to enjoy the company of an attentive admirer. Quiet evenings filled with stimulating conversation are right up your alley.


Venus, your ruling planet, moves into your Work Sector on the 2nd, putting you in line for some plum job assignments. It's also a good time to indulge your love of fashion by shopping for clothing, toiletries and accessories. Communicative Mercury goes direct on the 8th, giving you a welcome opportunity to return voicemails, text messages and e-mails. Stop putting off a painful conversation; it could go much better than you expect. On the 12th, the Full Moon will create a shake-up at work.

You may be asked to cover for an authority figure's embarrassing mistake. Fortunately, gracious Venus will form a conjunction with compassionate Neptune on the same day, cultivating a lot of support among colleagues. Joining forces with your co-workers could take the sting out of a public shaming. This might be a good time to book a trip to a relaxing seaside resort; such a vacation would be wonderfully therapeutic. A sextile between Venus and seductive Pluto on the 20th makes the second half of January a wonderful time to kiss and make up with the one you love.

News of an engagement, marriage or pregnancy could arrive on the 27th, courtesy of the New Moon. It should be easy to find good rates on hotel rooms and air fares on the 29th, due to a conjunction between eagle-eyed Mercury and Pluto. If you've been entrusted with planning a party, use this time to send invitations, plan the menu and put together a playlist.


January 2nd finds enchanting Venus moving into your Romance Sector. If you're looking for love, you could find it at a house of worship, music event or charity drive. On the 6th, the commanding Sun makes a conjunction to Pluto, your ruling planet. Take this opportunity to lay down the law with someone who continually ignores your boundaries. Moneymaking ideas will come fast and furious after the 8th, when logical Mercury goes direct in your Earned Income Sector.

A job involving travel, the law or publishing could also be offered at this time. Any position that requires a great deal of brain power is worth pursuing. The Full Moon on the 12th may bring disappointing news about a legal matter. Instead of dwelling on feelings injustice, pour your energy in a more productive direction. A conjunction between creative Venus and visionary Neptune on the same day makes this a wonderful time to begin an art project.

Using recycled materials will appeal to your resourceful side. On the 20th, alluring Venus forms a sextile to Pluto, enhancing your natural charisma. You may attract admirers like a flame draws moths. The New Moon on the 27th will give you the chance to wrap up a real estate deal. It will be a good time to buy or sell a piece of property. Relocating to an area that's closer to work will take the strain off your budget. On the same day, energetic Mars enters your Fitness Sector, paving the way for a robust exercise routine.


Affectionate Venus moves through your Domestic Sector on the 2nd, paving the way for a lovely family reunion. Mental Mercury moves into your sign on the 4th, helping you to find a receptive audience for your bright ideas. It will be much easier to make your point after the 8th, when Mercury goes direct. Take this opportunity to resubmit a proposal or renegotiate a real estate deal. On the 11th, a square between the lavish Sun and excessive Jupiter could put a strain on a close relationship.

Loaning or borrowing money could prove disastrous; don't mix friendship with finance. The following day, The Full Moon could cause arguments over joint finances to break out. You might have to fight to get your fair share of this fund. It's possible you will break ranks with a group of people who will show themselves to be utterly selfish. A square between argumentative Mars and forbidding Saturn on the 19th warns against picking fights with a relative.

Instead of criticizing a child's plan, offer enthusiastic support. You may not realize it, but your approval means a great deal to a young person who admires you. A word of encouragement from you will give them the confidence to achieve a lofty goal. The New Moon on the 27th may bring fantastic news about a competition. You could win a prize or award for doing a phenomenal job. Courageous Mars enters your Romance Sector on this same day, making you even more determined than ever to win someone's heart.


Your powers of persuasion will be especially strong after January 2nd, when gracious Venus enters your Communication Sector. Take this opportunity to make the acquaintance of an attractive newcomer. You can also get a favor granted during the first half of the month, provided you keep the conversation flowing between you and a potential benefactor. On the 8th, observant Mercury will go direct in your Secrecy Sector. Don't be surprised if you come across some sensitive information that has been hidden from view.

The Full Moon rises in your Relationship Sector on the 12th, putting strain on a close tie. Resist the temptation to spend every spare moment on your career, or a loved one will feel neglected. On the 19th, a square between combative Mars and Saturn, your ruling planet, could cause heated words to be exchanged on social media. Don't post anything in anger on Facebook or Twitter or your reputation might suffer. The ambitious Sun enters your Income Sector on the same day, inspiring you to pursue a lucrative work opportunity that's positively visionary.

The New Moon on the 27th attracts a moneymaking opportunity that allows you to work from home. If you've been thinking about starting a home-based business, this would be an ideal time to do so. Energetic Mars enters your Domestic Sector on this same day, favoring home repairs, improvements and expansions. It's possible you will rearrange your household to accommodate a business venture. Alternatively, you may be getting ready to sell a piece of property or move to a more vibrant community.


More money for luxuries could become available on the 2nd, thanks to affluent Venus moving through your Income Sector. On the 8th, logical Mercury will go direct, making it easier to socialize. Misunderstandings with friends could be resolved and group projects will fare much better. A square between the expressive Sun and Uranus, your ruling planet, warns against speaking before you think on the 10th. Exposing secrets will do serious damage to your reputation; discretion is the better part of valor.

The Full Moon on the 12th prompts you to pay attention to a nagging health problem. It may be necessary to cut exotic food from your diet to give your system a rest. Your star power will come out in full force on the 19th, when the dynamic Sun enters your sign. Seize this opportunity to ask for a date, make a presentation or put your work on display. You're sure to make a splash.

The New Moon on the 27th may inspire you to change your look in some way. Updating your hairstyle, adding fashionable items to your wardrobe or undergoing a cosmetic procedure are all favored. On the same day, dynamic Mars enters your Learning Sector. If you feel inspired to sign up for a challenging course, do it. On the 31st, a square will be formed between talkative Mercury and impulsive Uranus. Heaping scorn on someone who has been getting on your nerves will backfire. Beware of making a powerful enemy at the end of the month.


You could turn heads wherever you go on the 2nd, thanks to attractive Venus touring your own sign. This magical transit further enhances your natural charm; make the most of it! Mental Mercury enters your Career Sector on the 4th, helping you to make a great impression on authority figures. Take this opportunity to go on a job interview or make a professional presentation. Career prospects will pick up steam on the 8th, when Mercury goes direct.

You could be given a terrific job offer at this time. The Full Moon on the 12th may prompt you to break off a troubled romance that has been a drain on your finances. Fortunately, artistic Venus makes a conjunction to Neptune, your ruling planet, on this day. Selling your creative work could be extremely lucrative. A publisher, agent or manager will be happy to represent you.

If you've been looking for love, you could find it with someone who admires your considerable artistic talent. This relationship will have a fairytale quality that fills you with joy. A square between combative Mars and strict Saturn on the 19th warns against quarreling with your employer. The New Moon on the 27th presents a welcome opportunity to rest, relax and reflect. Working from home could be profitable at this time. On the same day, aggressive Mars will enter your Income Sector. It's possible you will have to spend money in order to make it. Consider investing in a new computer, smartphone or car. Reliable equipment could dramatically increase your earning ability.

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