Leo Daily Horoscope

January 22nd, 2017

Optimism and curiosity are two of your greatest gifts today. You have a sense that everything is coming up roses, and this confidence in the universe counts for a lot. For one thing, it means you don't have to stick that closely to tried-and-true methods in your work or any other activity. In fact, having an adventure sounds just about right. The less you know about where you're headed, the better!

Intensity: 63%

Mood: watchful

Keywords: demonstrative, broadminded


January 23rd, 2017

Clear your agenda today if you can. You want to leave everything open to chance! Shifting plans and impromptu activities are exciting. They increase your already high energy. This is the kind of day when an idea or conversation could give way to a burst of insight. Then you're off and running, chasing down a brilliant new goal. Will it work out? Who knows? More importantly, who cares?

Intensity: 63%

Mood: privileged

Keywords: athletic, guileless


January 24th, 2017

You have a deep sense of faith in the world today, and in yourself. You trust yourself to handle any plot twist that arises, any unexpected turn in the road that may appear. Where does all this confidence come from? That doesn't matter -- just use it and enjoy it while it lasts! This is the kind of day when a seeming mistake could turn out to be the luckiest move you ever made.

Intensity: 63%

Mood: tolerant

Keywords: benevolent, duality


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