Aries Daily Horoscope

October 3rd, 2015

You shine at all the right moments today. Your original ideas and genuine eagerness draw many supporters to your side. Think about it: How can anyone resist getting squarely behind you? They want your positive energy to rub off on them. Plus, you speak so glowingly of your cause, you could talk anyone into becoming a believer. Don't squander this chance to make something major happen. Everyone wants to be on your team.

Intensity: 59%

Mood: captivated

Keywords: discerning, flexibility


October 4th, 2015

All those emotions churning inside you need an outlet -- but lashing out at someone is not the best idea. A much better, more proactive way to contain the flood of feeling that rages within you is also a simple one: Get some exercise. Go jogging. Do some gardening. Aim some kicks at the heavy bag at the gym. Do some pushups. Anything vigorously physical will blunt the edge of the strong emotions that course through you today.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: powerful

Keywords: fault finding, henpecking


October 5th, 2015

You might feel a little blue today, or perhaps you're just in a sentimental mood. Either way, it's a good day to connect with someone you love, whether that means calling up your best friend long-distance or poring over old photographs and recalling memories of family members who are long gone. It's good to explore your feelings, Aries. It teaches you about who you are inside.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: resolute

Keywords: persistent, nag


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