Aquarius Daily Horoscope

February 22nd, 2017

Free will plays a major role in your life today, Aquarius, which should come as a relief. You can't stand being boxed in, but you do have a strong sense of commitment. Facing your responsibilities brings you the best of both worlds -- you can tackle your duties as you like, enabling you to bring old business to a logical conclusion even as you stay strong in your convictions. Bravo! Save your best efforts for existing projects. You can focus on something new and exciting in a few days.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: strong

Keywords: tactical, traditional


February 23rd, 2017

A new idea grips you today. You're in the clutches of its brilliance -- and it truly is genius, because all your intellectual cylinders are firing. Your thinking is bold and exciting. If you intend to tell your friends or colleagues about your newest brain wave, they're sure to be interested. Of course, they already think you're a mad genius, Aquarius. But they also know there's a real method to your madness.

Intensity: 85%

Mood: ingenious

Keywords: teachable, universal


February 24th, 2017

Get out of the house today, so you don't end up crawling out of your skin! You need freedom and stimulation, and you'll create your own if you don't find it among your friends or work mates. The office may be just where you want to be, especially if you're developing an exciting new project. Be sure to ask for others' input, if you're at that stage. Making this a group project can only enhance it.

Intensity: 85%

Mood: bold

Keywords: paradox, outspoken


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